It’s never too late!

Something I often hear from parents is their guilt that they didn’t record their babies milestones and they regret it. Well, I am here to say, it’s never too late!

I’m sure I’m not alone when I confess that I was so diligent with recording every milestone with my eldest. My second, well, I had a Book for her but its didn’t even get unwrapped out of its cellophane and poor number 3 well, he got nothing!

That’s not to say that I had no intention of ever doing it. I guess in the overwhelm of their babyhood, time flew past and well, their Baby Books remained empty, incomplete or non existent!

It wasn’t until I went to journal about my babies that I noticed the Baby Books I had, had no room to do that. No room to insert pictures and in general, I felt they lacked substance.

So, my solution was to create my own!

This is how Along Came a Baby was born!

I wanted to write letters, record milestones, add pictures and I also wanted family members and friends to add their special wishes for our child too. I wanted it to have it all. To have soul. To be a keepsake that my children will look back in years to come. To keep to show their children!

I am proud to say that I now have 3 Along Came A Baby Books, one for each of my precious children. They are all a work in progress, but I have begun. That’s sometimes the hardest part. To begin!

To those reading this, don’t be so hard on yourself! You can start recording your child’s moments, milestones and memories anytime. They don’t have to be babies! It’s never too late to start. Go for it I say, there’s nothing stopping you!

Liza x

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